Week 6 Assignment It/286

Topics: Inkjet printer, Laser printer, Printing Pages: 5 (1310 words) Published: November 16, 2012
week 6 assignment IT/286
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Appendix D

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

In this worksheet, you must identify solutions to four separate computer printer problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 words in each Answer box.

Part One: Wireless Printing
|Problem | |The computer will not connect to the printer wirelessly. | |Details | |Julie has just purchased a Canon® Pixma™ iP6220D inkjet printer for her house. She connected it to her laptop computer using her | |USB cable and it works fine; however, Julie regularly uses her laptop in different locations throughout the house, so using a USB | |cable for printing is not an option. She tried sending a document to the printer wirelessly, but it did not work. | |Questions | |1) What type of wireless technology does the printer use? What optional parts do you need for the printer to make it work | |wirelessly? | |2) Julie’s notebook does not support Bluetooth®. Suggest a device she can purchase that will use a USB port and allow her to | |connect to her printer wirelessly. | | | |Hint: Use the web to find answers and solutions to these questions. | |Answer | |The Canon Pixma ip6220D printer which Julie purchased is unfortunately not a wireless printer; So in order for Julie to connect to | |the printer wirelessly, she must either use a router with a USB port and has print server capabilities or, she could insert a USB | |wireless Bluetooth adapter directly to her printer and then connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. In order for the Bluetooth adapter | |to work, your printer must have an available USB port and your computer must be Bluetooth compatible. Unfortunately Julie's laptop | |is not Bluetooth compatible, so that rules that out. Chances are Julie all ready has a router for her internet. Julie should turn | |off her modem and her router, then plug her printer into the USB, power back up, then install the router software; Depending on her| |OS, the wizard will then prompt her to click the start button and then go into the printer/device settings and switch the printer | |to share. |

Part Two: Cleaning an HP® LaserJet Printer

|Problem | |Printouts from a Hewlett-Packard® (HP®) LaserJet® printer are faded and show smeared toner. | |Details | |Users are complaining that the office HP® LaserJet® printer is showing signs of wear. Printouts are faded and sometimes show | |specks, lines, and smeared toner. You replace the toner cartridge, but the problem still persists. | |Question...
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