Operations Management Test Questions

Topics: Productivity, Output, Hamburger Pages: 4 (776 words) Published: June 17, 2012
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Module 1| Discussion questions| 1,3,6| 35-36|
| Problems| 1,2,5,9,10| 36-38|
| Problems| 1-4| 57-58|

1. Can a factory be fast, dependable, flexible, produce high-quality products, and still provide poor service from a customer’s perspective? Yes, if a customer’s needs are not considered and does not influence strategy development, an organization could be delivering the wrong service or product. Even though the product or service is delivered fast, dependable, and flexible in design and features and is of high technical quality, overall service could be rated “poor” by a customer who demands a different mix of features and attributes. It is often best not to be fastest to the market, but to be the best firm in the market as judged by the ultimate customer. 3. What are the major priorities associated with operations strategy? How has their relationship to each other changed over the years? The four major imperatives are cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility. In the sixties, these four imperatives were viewed from a tradeoff’s perspective. For example, this meant that improving quality would result in higher cost. However, more recent thought posits that these four imperatives can improve simultaneously, and in many industries may be necessary for success. The problem then becomes one of prioritizing and managing towards orderly improvement. 6. A few years ago the dollar showed relative weakness with respect to foreign currencies, such as the yen, mark, and pound. This stimulated exports. Why would long-term reliance on a lower valued dollar be at best a short-term solution to the competitiveness problem? This approach is dependent on economic policies of other nations. This is a fragile dependency. A long-term approach is to increase manufacturing and service industry productivity in order to regain competitive advantage. At a national level, solutions...
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