Business Operation Influences

Topics: Management, Sustainability, Policy Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Business Report- Operation Influence

Influences on operations management have a dual effect on the businesses. They can cause the business to undergo change and to adjust to external factors, as responsiveness to change is a constant issue. The second effect is the threats and opportunities influences present. An understanding of these external influences can help a business be able to manage and respond to them in an efficient manner by implementing various strategies. As such, this will contribute to the success of the business. Influences on operations management include: Globalisation, quality expectations, Cost- based competition, technology, government policies, legal regulations and environment sustainability. One of the main influences on operations management is globalisation. Globalisation refers to the removal of trade barriers between nations, and is defined as the integration and interdependence of national economies forming a global economy. Free trade and the ability to transfer goods, services finance and labour between counties allow businesses to produce in one country and sell n another. Integration means joining together through trade, deregulation and technology.  The reasons for this are that businesses can drive costs down and exploit the competitive advantage each region has to offer. Another significant influence on operations management arises from the expectations of customers. Quality may refer to how well designed, made and functional a product is, and the expectation that people have of a business will determine the way that the products are designed, created and delivered to customers. And yet, what customers’ certain belief is that: durability which is how long the product last given a reasonable amount of use, how long the product functions without needing maintenance or repair and how well the product actually does all the things advertising claims. Usually business that fail in customer expectations even not too many but...
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