Operation Philosophy in Starbucks

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Operation philosophy in starbucks
as we know, developing from a small coffee shop to one of America’s most successful companies, starbucks has made remarkable achievement.

The reason why starbucks get such a great success is its unique operation philosophy.

Creat right brand positioning
Starbucks build the brand, highlight its particular cultural taste. One of its value proposition is that: starbucks sold not the coffee, but the coffee experience brought to people. Starbucks people considered their coffee as a carrier. With this carrier, starbucks send a distinctive style to customers. This distinctive style is starbucks culture. As we know, culture is a belief. Starbucks is trying their best to convert their coffee culture to emotional needs. Schultz believed the brand is the strongest based on the mind and emotion.

Good coffee, doing good
Starbucks shows its customers that coffee could be good, downright enjoyable, it promote specialty coffee aspires to be the uncommonly good “everyday coffee” All of these are from the good coffee quality and attentive service. Focus on the present experience

“Customer-oriented, treat every customer seriously, only cook one cup of coffee to one customer” this starbucks concept emphasize during the daily life. Starbucks would manage the” present” life experience carefully. In addition, starbucks is busy creating a cozy and relaxing environment to make people feel enjoyable in their shops.

Prize employees
In the starcucks, employees are considered as a culture sender. In starbucks they are called partners. Starbucks hire passion over experience. Employees there should be enthusiastic, happy to serve. They will be trained to be familiar with the coffee culture. Meanwhile, employees are empowered and encouraged to offer innovative ideas. thus, in starbucks, employee have the responsibly to educate the coffee culture to customers in order to develop the loyalty of the customers. Everthing matters

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