Starbucks Culture

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1.1History of Starbucks Coffee Company2
1.2Development of Starbucks in China2
2.Positive Effects of Starbucks Culture in China3
2.1Starbucks Corporation Culture4
2.1.1Influence of Corporation Culture on Leadership4
2.1.2Influence of Corporation Culture on Staff Motivation7
2.2Starbucks Brand Culture11
2.2.1Effects of Brand culture on Brand Positioning13
2.2.2Effects of Brand Culture on Product Strategies14
2.2.3Effects of Brand Culture on Promotion Strategies15
2.3Starbucks Coffee Culture16
2.3.1Impacts on Coffee Process Standardization16
2.3.2Impacts on Chinese Customers18
3.Criteria to Assess the Success of Starbucks Culture20
3.1Low Staff Turnover Rate20
3.2High Customer Popularity21
3.3Starbucks Company Recognitions22
3.4Financial Achievements22
5.Recommendations for Starbucks Future28
Appendix 133
Appendix 234
Appendix 336
Appendix 437

Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee in the world since 1971. Today, with stores around the globe, Starbucks has already developed for 12 years in China. Currently, Starbucks sells coffee through around more than 500 outlets in Chinese big cities. In the process of expending, Starbucks culture must be a critical issue of Starbucks to be a successful coffee brand in China. Positive effects of Starbucks Culture could be proved by their achievement of rapid expanding and high profits in Chinese market.

Starbucks Culture could be classified as corporation culture, brand culture and coffee culture to influence both internal and external development of Starbucks. These effective and positive effects could be reflected on many aspects in the process of Starbucks operation.

Firstly, influence of corporation culture on leadership and staff motivation could be evaluated to stimulate staff’s job performance and business operation. So that in Starbucks, staff turnover rate is lower than other company in the same industry. Secondly, Starbucks brand culture impacts its brand positioning, product strategies and promotion strategies to attract more customers and increase customer loyalty and brand reputation. Lastly, Starbucks coffee culture ensures the highest quality of coffee and service to affect Chinese customers’ buying behaviors.

To assess Starbucks’ success in China, Starbucks’ low staff turnover rate, high public popularity, excellent industry evaluation and increasing market share could prove Starbucks culture’s effective influence to enhance core competitive power. Furthermore, recommendations are given to Starbucks for its future development.

1. Introduction
2.1 History of Starbucks Coffee Company
Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee in the world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and guiding principles, they bring the unique Starbucks Experience to life for every customer through every cup.

Coffee consumption in the U.S. has climbed to its highest level in nearly a decade. In 1989, there were only 200 specialty coffee stores in the U.S. Today, there are more than 5,000; the Specialty Coffee Association projects 10,000 stores by 1999. The entire coffee market is estimated to be a $30 billion industry. In keeping with its corporate mission, Starbucks is expanding its retail outlets at an incredible rate. In 2002, there are a total of 4,247 coffee shops in the United States and Canada. Today, three million people a week visit Starbucks.

2.2 Development of Starbucks in China
With a stable business in North America, Starbucks plans on extensively...
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