Starbucks Service Environment

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Executive Summary

Adopting a qualitative approach, this report provides an evaluation and critical analysis of the service process and service environment to evaluate the specialty coffee house chain, Starbucks Singapore. The report evaluates the purpose and value of the Starbucks servicescape design, a descriptive illustration of the service environment with a detailed and clear blue-printing of the service process all from an external view-point

Introduction and Company Background

Description of Service Environment Specific Goals, Values and Objectives of Starbucks Singapore

Servicescape Goals
Starbucks want its servicescape to be the “Third Place” between work and home, providing unmatched store experience. Besides aiming to offer perfect coffee products, Starbucks emphasises on human connection in its service. Staffs of Starbucks are expected to be fully engaged with its customers to connect, laugh and uplift its customers’ days. It aims to make an impact on its consumers’ lives. Starbucks also targets to create a sense of belonging, turning Starbucks stores as a haven and as an enjoyable meeting place.

Servicescape Values
Values: Starbucks is focused on humanity. It strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience by ethical sourcing of coffee beans, environmental stewardship and community involvement (Eg. In places where coffee beans are grown and neighbourhood community of their stores).

Objectives: Starbucks wants each store to be part of the community and be invited in wherever the brand does its business. It wants to be a force for positive actions of bringing their partners, customers and communities together to contribute to the society each day.

Description of the Service Environment Background of Starbucks Singapore (Including Servicescape)

Besides promising to offer the finest beverage, Starbucks invented the “Starbucks Roast” that aims to reach and roast its coffee beans to their maximum flavour. Single-origin premium coffees, more than 30 blends of coffee, handcrafted beverages (eg. Frappuccino), Ready-to-Drink bottled products, Starbucks Ice Cream and tea are available in the stores of Starbucks Singapore.

Starbucks stores offer customization of drinks, catering sets for office gatherings, breakfast sets during morning hours, pastries and also side-dishes for the rest of the day. Merchandises of its brand are available for purchase as well.

The Starbucks stores provide layout and atmosphere that are cosy and intimate. At the same time, they provide personal space for use upon customers’ request. There is a combination of sofas, arm-chairs, coffee tables, chairs, bars and stools and meeting room tables.

Starbucks offers its “Starbucks Experience” through providing friendly staff, pleasing music and comfortable meeting places.

Research Methodology & Findings

Description of Service Environment

Critical Service Factors

Satisfying Needs of Customers: Besides the availability of diverse products, Starbucks caters to the sizes of drink that different consumers can consume during each purchase. There are “Short”, “Tall”, “Grande” or “Venti” sizes for beverage. They are 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz and 24 oz respectively. For espresso, there are “Solo” and “Doppio” sizes. They are 1 oz and 2 oz respectively.

Starbucks also caters to various drinking preference of its customers. There are additional four main ways for its customers to customize their order. It will be choices of espresso, choices of syrup, choices of milk and choices of other modifier. (For Espresso: “Regular”, “Half-Caf”, “Decaf”, “Extra Shots” or “Ristretto”. For Syrup: Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry or Irish Cream. For Milk: Dry/Foamy, Wet/Flat or Whipped Cream. For other modifier: Light, Sugar Substitute or Extra Hot.)

Quality of Service: Staffs and baristas are patient during customers’ process of ordering. The staffs initiate and ask customers for...
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