Open/Closed Source Systems

Topics: Operating system, Free software, Proprietary software Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Open and Closed Source Systems
January 12, 2013
Jeffrey Hobday M.S.

The General Public License also referred to as (GNU or GPL is one of the most widely used software license among individual, organizations and companies. The reason behind this is this product guarantees its users the freedom to make changes to the software, study and share the software, and if needed the software may be copied. 3 versions of the GNU have been released. Operating System is the core software of any machine that provides interface between applications and the hardware. Different types of operating systems exist that are available these days, some of them are Open source and some are closed or proprietary standards. Each of them has their own benefits and advantages that are detailed in this paper.

As per the table above that provides a quick comparison between the two types of OS. We will discuss each feature in detail, Product Cost and Licensing
Open Source OS are usually available free of cost or under minimal license cost while Close source OS are usually costly. In latter, development teams are specially hired for the commercial purpose. Companies develop Closed Source OS by hiring dedicated teams for planning, Research & development, implementation, Testing and QA to develop the product. The objective is to make a marketable product to earn profit. This is what they charge from the end customer. On the other hand Open Source OS are developed mostly by group of individuals for non-profit purpose. After Sales Product Support

The biggest challenge organizations face in running networks is the support. Closed OS usually have dedicated support teams for customers that can provide assistance in deployment, troubleshooting and optimization of certain features in the Operating system. It is difficult to find dedicated support for Open Source OS. The only work around is to visit different internet forums where individuals share their experiences on certain...
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