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Topics: Steve Ballmer, Open source, Microsoft Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Research Paper
Free Open Source Software also known as FOSS has fared pretty good since the Microsoft posted a high-level summary of 235 patents that were allegedly violated in 2006. Since this scenario happen FOSS has grown and partner up with big name companies. In an interview that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that ”We live in a world where we honor, and support the honoring of, intellectual property, FOSS patrons are going to have to play by the same rules as the rest of the business. What is fair is fair." Today FOSS is still going strong because of its high quality and because the most important reason it is FREE. Software that is free is good to anybody. It’s good to individuals that used open source applications on their smart devices, to large companies which use these applications for daily activity for their need in their company. FOSS is great for everyone because it can be shared, copied, changed and of course downloaded. Everybody now in days have smart phones that carry FOSS operating systems. An everyday person likes FOSS instead of paying five dollars to 30 dollars for applications from apple, when if you have an Android phone it’s free. FOSS is not going anywhere just for the reason being that it’s free. Since 2006 big corporate companies have been changing their philosophy on open source software. Major corporations like IBM, Oracle and Google have been using FOSS. They are big allies to FOSS so in my opinion I think it has helped them because then other small companies that actually look up to these powerful corporations would later start using FOSS. When something is starting to being used and downloaded on a constant basis, this means it’s becoming popular and it is in high demand. So it has helped them since then. Some of Microsoft actions towards FOSS have changed since then by Microsoft trying to still get royalties from developers from FOSS. Microsoft and Novell struck a deal in which Novell have been getting open source software...
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