Ontology and Yoga

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  • Published : June 20, 2011
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October 1, 2010

When we did yoga on Thursday during class time, it was so much fun. I had never done yoga before and I thought it was going to be hard, but it actually came very easy to me. It worked out every core in my body, especially in the abdominal area. I had imagined before I did yoga that I was going to be out of breathe a lot, but then again I didn’t really know what yoga consisted of. I think we did it, to work out our muscles and joints in our body. Every body is different, so every body had a different reaction to the yoga session. Yoga defines itself as a science – that is, as a practical, precise, and systematic discipline or set of techniques that have the lofty goal of helping human beings to become aware of their deepest nature. It connects us to our faith and self and brings us to peace and freedom during that time. We lose all connections to the outside world and just concentrate on ourselves and who we are. Yoga is more than just an exercise to get your physical body fit and healthy, proper practice of yoga is intended at bringing mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. The reason this fits in with the definition of health is because yoga brings you happiness and you become content with yourself and nothing can bring you down, you feel invincible or that’s how I felt at the time. I felt at peace, and didn’t want the session to end. It was rejuvenating to me and for others as well. You need to go in there with a good attitude, and I think that will make a difference on how you feel when you do yoga. Dr. Bogus was an excellent instructor, and she made the class a lot of fun. Everyone was in tune with what she was saying and didn’t want to stop. For some people it was a little tough for them, but they still got by and they felt happy and worked out. Yoga is a great workout and it will continue to work out the core of every muscle in our body.
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