Online V Traditional School

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Antonio Cabral Jr
Everest University
Composition I-68
December 7, 2012

Students nowadays have much more choices on how they want to start their career. But now there is a debate on which way is better online or traditional. Some people may say online schools are not as fulfilling as a traditional or college would be. That is not the case, because you have the same opportunities as someone who went to a regular college. Everyone’s not the same so certain people learn in different environments than others. People who should take online classes are people who are able to stay focused and accomplish what they set on doing. There has been a debate in recent years if online-schooling is better than being in a classroom setting. Both can have their advantages and disadvantages. I am doing college courses online because most online courses take up to 24 credits from another university; this is what helped me really make my decision (Advantages of online v. traditional universities). I have found it more convenient to do classes online in my situation, because I have a full-time job. It can be hard at times though, because there is no teacher that you can ask a question to and get a helpful response right away. With online school all your previous assignments, lectures, quizzes, and etc are still available for you to view. This is very helpful to me because I do not take notes well and to be able to view past lectures and discussions has really saved me a couple of times. A disadvantage would be that having a class online can at times make you lazy and get side tracked from what needs to be done. Some people say that a disadvantage of taking online school is that you need to have knowledge on computers, but I say if you don’t know so much about computers or how to even open up a word document then why even consider online classes?

Before I begin, what is online education? Online education is courses in which the majority of content is presented online and there...
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