Advantages & Disadvantages of Using the Internet for Education

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using the Internet for Education


Blair Foy
Blair Foy began writing in 2006. She has been published in the "Rochester Post-Bulletin," "Pierce County Herald," "St. Charles Press," "Red Wing Republican Eagle" and "UW-RF Student Voice." Foy earned a Master of Arts in mass communication from North Dakota State University and a Bachelor of Science in journalism from University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Online school can allow people to get an education in a non-traditional setting. Upon reflection, it may be difficult for most people to think back and remember what life was like without the Internet or online capabilities. The world of education has also seen major changes since the advent of the Internet. Now, students have the capability to go to school anywhere at any time through online education programs. As with nearly any educational program, online education has advantages and disadvantages for students. *

1. Advantages Part One
* Obtaining an education online can have distinct advantages for the right student. First, being an online student allows people great flexibility with their schedules. Most online courses allow students to check in at a time that works with their personal schedule. While assignments and tests can still have hard deadlines, online students can fit their schooling around their work and personal lives. With this idea, the next benefit of online schooling is that it can be done anywhere Internet access is available. A student can sneak in time nearly anywhere to write a discussion board post, study or work on an assignment. This flexibility can be very helpful for people who work full-time, are parents or travel frequently and want to continue their education. Advantages Part Two

* Another advantage of an online education includes not having to travel to a campus to attend courses. Students no longer have to move large distances to attend a college with a...
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