Online Therapy Paper

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Online Therapy Paper
Keisha Lucas
April 8, 2013
Professor Kari Siemieniewski

Online Therapy Paper
Online Therapy is a service that helps people to obtain therapeutic services through an online database that is ran by a therapist or a group of therapists, who are in charge of the website. Therapeutic websites are very helpful for someone who isn’t able to get to an office setting to have face-to-face sessions. They are extremely convenient because one can have counseling sessions in the privacy of their own home with strict confidentiality and assertiveness. Serenity Online Therapy, created and founded by Carl Benedict, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Baltimore, Maryland. His therapy entails many different areas of expertise awaiting anyone to sign up for. Through these counseling sessions, one may experience a more fulfilling and uplifting life. Carl Benedict is very well experienced in helping people who are dealing with multiple problems such as, severe depression, anxiety, addiction, panic attacks, grief and loss, childhood abuse, trauma, codependency 1 & 2, anger management, dual diagnosis, on being a therapist (Serenity, 2005-2013) The professional involved in this website is Carl Benedict, a licensed therapist who is trained in helping people with many different problems that he is trained to solve. He has a policy that strictly states each person to be at least 18 years old, the client must not be suicidal or be a threat to others and if anyone applying has any of these tendencies, they must apply for his crisis part of the website for immediate attention. The client must read Carl Benedict’s Services and Fees section. The content in this website consists of; Counseling Philosophy, Services and Fees, Confidentiality Statement, Johari Window, The Dilemma of the Traumatized Child, Crisis Counseling, Therapist Contact Information, Sitemap, Testimonials, Beginning Therapy, Texts and Photos, Chat Therapy, Payment...
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