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A Synopsis
diversity & Types
of cases of children in difficult situation, handled by Sathi


Dr. Rajan R Patil

Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situation


The counseling report is an attempt to showcase 25 cases ( 15 cases from Sathi Shelter and 10 cases from CWC referred by Sathi) with their detailed analysis to give the feel of the variety and types of cases of children in difficult situation handled by Sathi Bangalore.

The Report has been divided in Three parts


This part consists of 15 cases counseled at the Sathi Shelter. In each of these cases, testimonials from the children were elicited for their reasons on running away from home, & the issues that are concerning them at home. After providing the due counseling to the child and depending on the overall assessment of child situation, a decision was made either to summon their parent or refer to the CWC or enroll them for the Sathi camp.

If the decision was made to Home place the child, an attempt was made to summon the parents and take their feed back on the child. Due counseling was provided to the parents before handing over the child to them, with a mutually agreed rehabilitation plan for child.

A psycho-social analysis of each of the 15 cases handled at the shelter was carried out. In this analysis, various factors related to the child are identified namely-the main problem of the child; Stressors faced by the child; Coping and defense mechanism employed by the child; emotional problem suffered by the child; type of counseling techniques applied for the child and mutually acceptable rehabilitation plan worked out for the child.

The 10 cases referred by sathi to CWC were analyzed to find out the reasons that could generally be responsible for failure of home placement in children. Issues that affect retention of children at home and their reasons for repeatedly running away from home are identified


Highlights the Child psychology issues that most probably explain the personality issues and behavioral aspects commonly seen in the street children.


Provides general tips for counseling that should be borne in mind while handling the children.


Name : Rakesh

Age: 13
Father: Mahadev
Occupation : Hotel business

Childs Testimony
The child was admitted to Siddagana math hostel for residential school in 8th standard. He was with parents up to 7th standard in mysore. The parents admitted him to the residential school due to his deteriorating grades in his school.

The child protested being hostel, citing various harassments and physical abuse by this classmates and teachers. The child reported of being beaten by the master for not participating in the NCC activities.

The child complained of bullying and ragging by his hostel mates. In one instance the child was bitten on ear by one of his classmate for demanding back Rs 20 he had lent him, following which his mother visited hostel and took up the matter with the masters and hostel warden.

The child reported sustained teasing and ragging by his schoolmates which got increasingly unbearable hence he decided to run away from the hostel

Counseling provided to the child
The Child was made to understand that mild ragging and bullying by older students is generally part of the hostel life and should be taken sportively by him, as it was unique way of introduction and building friendship and is a part and parcel of the hostel life. He was also assured that even the older students had gone through phase, when they came in as new students. He was reassured that it would be only temporary and was a fun way of knowing each other in the hostel and building friendships.

It was absolutely normal for him to feel home sick as he was away from his parents and home for the first time. It was natural to miss home in...
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