Online Guidance and Counseling System

Topics: Counseling, Online counseling, School counselor Pages: 8 (2297 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Developing Online Guidance and Counseling System
Department of Information Technology College of Computer Studies, Silliman University

Mary Florence Gene A. Benlota Artin Khachatoorian

Department of Information Technology College of Computer Studies, Silliman University

Ebrahim Jalaeian Tedrik Norouzi
Department of Information Technology College of Computer Studies, Silliman University

Department of Information Technology College of Computer Studies, Silliman University Dave E. Marcial
College of Computer Studies Silliman University

Counseling of students is the heart of the guidance program of the Guidance and Testing Division office which is primarily based on relationship and communication of counselor and the counselee. Having this in mind researchers realized this communication is bound to time and availability constraints of both parties. Furthermore each counselor has to perform a manual search of a student„s profile and grades which is exhausting and time consuming. On top of that they have to prepare a semiannual or annual report of their counseling activities. This paper presents the development of an online guidance and counseling information system, called e-counselor. The proposed system specifically aimed to expand the availability and communication of potential users through messaging and live chat and further provides a history of their synchronous and asynchronous messaging. It also provide counselors a quick and effortless access to a student„s profile and grades as well as help them generate an electronic report with the least amount of effort. This system also includes a discussion forum that counselors could use for referendum. It also allows the students to check the counselor„s schedule and request an appointment. Based on the evaluation, 68% of the respondents said that the system is Very Friendly, 94% said that the site provide enough feedback, 93% said they didn„t encounter any unexpected errors, 43% and 47% said that the site loads in less than 10 seconds, and 32% and 58% said that the system is Excellent and Very Good respectively, insofar, with the overall impression of the website. This proposed system doesn„t replace the current method of counseling but it noticeably enhances the availability and productivity of their services and operations.

For most students, the college years represent unique challenges. It is a time of significant personal growth and decision-making regarding one„s values, interpersonal relationships, career and other life goals, all within a stressful academic environment. Even the most successful student may experience considerable difficulty with these challenges. Therefore consulting the students remains as an essential aspect of educational planning of the university. According to the Guidance and Testing Division (GTD) office of Silliman University, problems often encountered by students include difficulties with academics, interpersonal relationships and sexuality, family problems, self-understanding issues, feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem, depression or anxiety. With the advent of online counseling services as a creative therapeutic medium, the GTD office was considering how therapeutic conditions could be fostered in an online environment. So to improve the availability and efficiency of the counseling system in a more effective way it could be offered online. Fast growing numbers of internet users within university provides this great venue and new opportunity to expand these services. Given the increasing availability of the Internet as a counseling resource, numerous counselors have engaged in the delivery of their assistance via online interventions.




According to online counselor Dan Mitchell (2009): ―the distance counseling might appeal...
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