Online Shopping

Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Shopping Pages: 7 (1771 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Minor Research Project


“Present Scenario of E-Shopping;
A Study on Youth of Indore Region”


Prestige Institute of Management and Research

Prof. DEEPAK JAROLIYADivya Mathankar
Monica Sharma Naina Rawat Nida Khan Piyush Soni MBA(FT) Semester II

Batch 2012 - 2014


Online shopping is the process of buying products through internet without going to store or shop's location physically. Here people use their credit/debit or other bank card for payment.The Internet has undoubtedly changed how people go about their daily lives, but perhaps the most dramatic change has come in how we shop for goods and services. Sure, it’s fun to go into a store to browse and try things on, but you have to admit that nothing can beat the convenience of shopping from home The younger generation seems to have recognized the perks of online shopping and has picked up this new and cool form of retail therapy. Generally speaking the trend of e-shopping has been increased rapidly in the recent years with the development of internet and due to the easy accessibility of internet usage. Easy access to internet has driven consumers to shop online in fact according to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) communication policy (2001), online shopping is third most popular activity on the internet after email using and web browsing. Globally more than 627 million people have done online shopping so far, World’s biggest online shoppers include Germans and British. Books, airline tickets/reservations, clothing/shoes videos/games and other electronic products are the most popular items purchased on the internet. (ACNielsen Report on Global Consumer Attitudes towards Online Shopping, 2007). Through e-shopping business firms are coordinating different marketing activities such as market research, product development, inform customers about product features, promotion, customer services, customer feedback and so on. Online shopping is used as a medium for communication and electronic commerce, it is to increase or improve in value, quality and attractiveness of delivering customer benefits and better satisfaction, that is why online shopping is more convenience and day by day increasing its popularity. Not only benefits but also risk is associated with online shopping. Generally speaking internet users avert online shopping because of credit-card fraud, lack of privacy, non-delivery risk, lack of guarantee of quality of goods and services. Concerned authorities are devising policies to minimize the risk involved in e-business. In Liao and Cheung (2000) words:”Fraud- free electronic shopping” was introduced by UK in the early 1995 and after two years Europe and Singapore introduced secured electronic transaction (SET). On the other hand E- commerce has been grown very fast because of many advantages associated with buying on internet because of lower transaction and search cost as compared to other types of shopping. Through online shopping consumers can buy faster, more alternatives and can order product and services with comparative lowest price. (Cuneyt and Gautam 2004). Therefore Marketers have carefully analyzed the consumers’ attitude and behavior towards the online shopping and spend billions of dollars to facilitate all the demographics of online shoppers. Consumer’s attitude towards online shopping refers to their psychological state in terms of making purchases over the Internet. Online buying behavior process refers to the products purchased online. The process of online buying behavior consists of five steps and it is similar to traditional...
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