The Negative Impact of the Internet on Consumer Purchasing

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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“The Negative Impact of the Internet on Consumer Purchasing “

In today’s society, the internet has had a profound effect on the way people are living, working and consuming products. Convenience, time efficiency, and the availability of products at a possible lower cost are all enticing reasons to shop online; however, many people are still hesitant in shopping online in fear of their privacy and security as well as the inability to actually see the product they are purchasing and be able to instantly possess that product. Even with online purchasing becoming one of the biggest innovations to consumer purchasing, it is crucial for e-commerce managers to understand the negative factors that affect people using the Internet as a new channel of purchasing and why traditional ways of shopping will never become a way of the past, if not addressed.

Shopping online poses numerous threats, which for most; override the positive factors that would entice you to shop online in the first place. The most commonly noted disadvantages for consumer to purchase online include: the inability to see items before being purchased, discomfort with the security of the transaction, and difficulty in returning items which results in bad customer service. In a previous study at Texas Tech, a sample of 605 students from generation Y between the ages of 18 and 25 were surveyed. 36% of the participants disliked the inability to see items before purchasing, 34% had discomfort with the security of the transaction, and 23% found it difficult in returning items (Browne, Durrett, and Wetherbe p.237-245). “The responses concerning disadvantages show more variability than do the advantage” (Browne, Durrett, and Wetherbe p.237-245.

Consumers want to feel comfortable about the products they are buying. John Pescatore, an analyst at Stamford, Conneticut based Gartner Inc. informs people that “for consumers, the biggest risks come from hackers' increasing use of keystroke logging and...
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