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Introduction to Cyberpreneurship (BEN2019)


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Aida Abolhassany (1071118199)

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December 2007



Table of Content Page

Executive Summary 4

The Mission Statement 5

The Analysis of the Business Environment 5

Description of Products and Services 5

Analyze the Competition 6

Description of Pricing Strategy 7

Description of Credit Policy 8

Developing Competitive Advantages 9

Description of target market 10

Description of Location10

Promotional Plan 10

Management and Personnel 11

Start up cost and financing 12

Financing 15

Opening day Balance Sheet 15

Income Statements 17

Break-even Point 19

The Legal Section 20

Insurance 20

Suppliers 21

Uncontrollable Risk 22



Executive Summary:

Online flower shop is a new type of electronic service which has been provided by business owners and consider as a renovation to give an on time reply to customer’s request. Online flower shop gives this opportunity to consumer to order, pay for, and receive different kind of products and services in a totally convenience way. An online flower shop presents different types of products such as flower basket, fresh fruit basket, candy and chocolate boxes and gift basket.

The founder of online flower shop has this opportunity to guide and manage the business from anywhere which has internet access and link through internet to other partners in the case of emergencies and unpredictable situations. An online flower shop gives this chance to customer to compare products and services in a more convenience way and preserve from time wasting among those consumers whom prefer to avoid simple transactions.

Advertising is the best ways to introduce your products and services and guide the business to a wining business. The most effective ways to introduce an online business are to put its ads in the other related web sites (e.g. online gift shops) or in some common online friendship communities such as Facebook and you’ll be sure your business is identified by many people in special age groups(teens and older). Promotions should be held during the period of time that the number of requests is declined and the company needs to attract people and also when there is a special occasion to encourage people to order.

The company has a plan to develop its services and products among a bigger territory than individual offers, hotels, convention centers, and also shopping centers have this ability to be served as special customers in whole sale contracts. Private garden treatment is another service can be provided by company in future.

It does not take a degree or extended education to become a formidable competitor in floral arranging and sales. However, entrepreneurs those want to be really successful with their company should learn the business end of floristry enterprises in order to understand and develop everything from creativity to marketing.

Since this is an online flower shop there is no need to a showroom, although providing a regular place as central office for special needs, a warehouse to store the flowers and other materials and a working place for arranging the flower baskets, gift baskets and etc, is necessary.

Agreement with a post center for providing harmonious delivery services and secure and beautiful packaging...
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