Online Class Is Not the Best Way to Study

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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With the development of the Internet, people’s lives are becoming more and more convenient than before. Because of the Internet, the world is more connected. Because of the Internet, people can deal with things more easily. Also, because of the Internet, people can have classes online rather than at a school. Some people say that an online class is the best way to learn. People who study online never spend time waiting for buses or subways and never finish homework by using pens. The Internet can do everything people want it to do. Of course, the Internet provides people more convenience, but an online class is not the best way to study. Actually, I prefer studying in a real classroom. I feel that in a classroom people have more motivation, more communication and learn more. At a school people have the motivation to study and follow the teachers. While the people who study online feel not as active as on campus because schools create an atmosphere for learning. No matter where you go, people can observe students who get together to sit around a table and always talk about what they learned that day or some are buried in books. So it makes people have the ambition to learn more knowledge to improve their skills in a classroom. Sometimes if people keep silent and do not follow the teachers’ lectures in the classroom, those people may feel far away from the other students and get nothing in that class. On the other hand, teachers and classmates are together in a real class, which makes it quite easy to ask for help. Moreover people will think that the teachers are playing such an important role in the lessons. Meanwhile, some people may feel extremely busy at the campus because they keep walking to classrooms, or some people are envious of those who take classes online because the online classes have a flexible schedule. However, when using an online class people always stare at a screen, which makes people tired and bored after a long time. So an...
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