Onlive vs Traditional Education Outline

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Thesis Statement: Online education provides students with flexible schedules and the ability to work at their own pace, while a traditional education provides students with the ability to interact with teachers and peer while learning. I. When choosing to make the choice to return to school, and further educations levels it can be quiet a difficult decision to make. Whether the choice is to enroll in an online program or the traditional education style, students must be dedicated and make the choice that will best fit their lifestyle and schedule. II. Learning Styles

A. Classroom
I. Face to face with teachers
II. Black board
B. Internet
I. Chat room communication
II. Forums
III. Schedule
A. Flexibility
I. Convenience
II. Work while in school
B. Routine
I. Set time to arrive
II. Set amount of hours per week
IV. Supplies
A. Technology
I. Computer/printer
II. Microsoft word
B. Basic needs
I. Pen
II. Paper
V. Assignments
A. Hard copy
I. Posted on blackboard
II. Turned directly into teacher hand
B. Uploaded
I. Posted in forums
II. Websites
When it comes to online education vs the traditional education style there are some differences between the two, but there are very much similar. Either way each student gets a good education and has to set goals and standards for themselves to achieve completion of their program of choice. Student must just first decide on which type of learning style better suites them and decide on what will be the best for their lifestyle.
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