Ojt Modules and Guidelines

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S. Code| OJT2/4| Date/Time| M&W (02:00-05:00)|
Description| On-the-Job-Training for IT| Instructor| Mr. Michael Gino M. Rodriguez|

Guidelines and Modules of the On-the-Job-Training

* To help the students to their Office Training by setting up these following guidelines and modules that corresponds to their dynamic learning of the subject.

Module 1. The Business Office Today. (Lecture)
1.1 The Office
* Introducing the student to the Office Environment and Setting. 1.2 The Business Communication
* Acquiring of knowledge from the Communicative Business.

Module 2. Getting “You” in the Spotlight.
2.1 Personality Barrier
* Helping the students cope with their acts and norms.
2.2 Attitude towards Work
* Educating the students about their drive on employing workforce. 2.3 Personal Preparedness
* Preparing each student before their first major office training.

Module 3. Getting Started. (Lecture)
3.1 The Resume
* Teaching the student on how to create and manage an application Resume. 3.2 The Recommendation Letter
* Educating the student to make his own Letter of Recommendation before the Company training. 3.3 The Waiver
* Helping the student to get familiarized to the waiver.
3.5 The Job Description
* Setting up the job specifications of the students on the training.

Module 4. Back to work!
4.1 The DTR (Daily Time Record)
* Help the trainee to get familiarize in using the DTR as their mode of attendance during training. * Make them realize the value of time by setting up the strict compliances on any suspicious acts of tardiness during training. * For strict compliance.

4.2 The Weekly Task List
* It used to write the daily accomplishment of the trainee for further enhancement of his/her skills. * For strict compliance.
4.3 The Trial and Error Form
* Make the trainee learn from their mistakes as they undergo different situations within the office Environment. * For strict compliance.

Module 5. The Office Equipments.
5.1 The Telephone
* Let the trainees make use of the Telephone from any business transaction of the office. This will help the trainees to be active and smart in dealing with the office communication. * Please guide the trainees properly.

5.2 The Printer and Photocopier
* Let the trainees make use of the Printer and Photocopier from any business transaction of the office. This will help the trainees to get familiar in operating these office equipments. * Please guide the trainees properly.

5.3 The Computer
* Let the trainees make use of the Telephone from any business transaction of the office. This will help the trainees to apply their skills outside the academic environment. * Let the trainee boosts its own potential in dealing with the different areas of Information Technology in the Office as he/she unfolds the learning methodology. * Please guide the trainees properly.

Module 6. The World of Paper.
6.1 The MIS (Management in Information Systems)
* Help the trainees on how to learn Managing Information within the office with the use of a Computer System. * Please guide the trainees properly.
6.2 The Filing System
* Trainees must be familiarizing the proper techniques in sorting and storing files. 6.3 The use of File Organization
* Educate the students on how to handle, keep and update records of the Office. * Please guide the trainees properly.

Module 7. The Rules and Regulations.
7.1 Office Norms
* Teach the trainees and guide them to the different “Standard Operating Procedures” of the Office. 7.2 The Law of Employee Conduct
* Educate the trainees to the different Do and Don’ts in accordance to the employee code of conduct. * Orient the trainees to the different Codes of Conduct and Professional Ethics of an Office Environment.

Module 8. Add me as your Friend.
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