Objectives of Career Planning

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Objectives of Career Planning
The primary purpose of career planning by the employees is to develop their career goals strategically and then achieve success by utilizing the available opportunities. The individual employees attempt to achieve career success by employing relevant skills and knowledge. In the case of organization, it is an opportunity to show its interest in and commitment to the svell-being and growth of the employees. Of course, the organization also seeks to achieve optimum employee efficiency and loyalty. The primary responsibility for career planning tics with the employees but the supervisors, the line managers and the HR department have a collective responsibility in designing and developing realistic career plans. We shall now seethe important objectives of career planning.  Career planning facilitates the employees to develop not only their career goals but also the ways to achieve these goals.  It helps individuals to remain competitive in the labour market by constantly upgrading competences as part of goal fulfilment efforts.  It acts as the basis or standard for tracing the career progression achieved by anemployee throughout his work life.  It forms the basis for succession planning in the organization. It helps the organization in its preparation for the future by identifying and developing people for criticalpositions.  Through career planning, an organization can attract and retain its best people for arelatively longer period of time.  Career planning is viewed as an effective technique by the organization to limit thelabour turnover and achieve better employee efficiency and commit went.  It provides an opportunity for the organization to assess the strengths and weaknesses and also the area of development of the employees for the purpose ofcareer planning and development. It forms the basis for determining the training and development requirements of each employee in the organization....
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