Obesity Will Diisrupt Children Physical Development

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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I. Introduction
Obesity among children will disrupt children physical development, will affect children psychological development and will lead to health problem.

II. Body
A. Obesity will disrupt children physical development.
1. Being overweight can limit physical activity of a child (Richards, 2011).

a. Bones and joint of an obese child will develop abnormally (Anh, 2011). i. Longer than adult, obese child will carry extra weight that will risk to early arthritis. ii. Will damage hip joint which called Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphyses (SCFE). b. Gives obstacle for a child to do extracurricular activity. i. Track, baseball or basketball, gym class.

2. Being overweight can interrupt children puberty.

a. Obesity will hold onset puberty in boys (Dyess, 2010). i. Fat converts male hormones into estrogen, which slows male development. b. According to Dyess, obese girls will achieve / get puberty at earlier age. i. Lepin hormones affect the early onset of puberty in girls.

B. Obesity will affect children psychological development (Mark, 2007). 1. Obese children have lower self esteem than their peers (Mark,2007) a. Obese children often being teased and bullied.

b. Obese children tend to be unhappy about their appearance and also social relations. 2. Obese children may suffer from depression (Texas Department of Health, 2004). a. Obese children are more likely to approve of suicidal thoughts and attempts. b. Obese children opting for substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. C Obesity among children will lead to many health problems. 1 Obesity will lead to cardiovascular problems (Texas Heart Institute)

a. Obese people will have problem with their excessive fat that lead to blockage of arteries. i) The blockage arteries may cause the increase of blood pressure. This will cause high blood pressure among obese people. ii) Blood in the blood vessel will...
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