Nutrient Defiency

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Date| Number of days from beginning| Number of leaves| Height of plant| Observations| 2/21/13| 0| 6| 6.4 cm| Bottom 2 leaves- chlorosis and necrosis due to an initial calcium deficiency| 2/28/13| 7| 7| 15.0 cm| 1 juvenile bud growth, further necrosis of bottom most leaf| 3/3/13| 14| 8| 18.6 cm| 2 juvenile bud growths, decrease of necrosis, limp| 3/7/13| 17| 9| 19.4 cm| 2 bud growths, necrosis of a different leaf| 3/15/13| 25| 6| 22.7 cm| Growth of broccoli flower, greener leaves| 3/27/13| 37| 7| 24.7 cm| Standing straighter, further growth of broccoli, branches cut at nodes| 4/11/13| 52| 4| 27.3 cm| Loss of leaves, flowering, dull green color, chlorosis and necrosis of bottom most leaves|


On 2/21/13 we received our broccoli plant (Brassica oleracea) to perform an experiment to learn what detrimental effects macro nutrient deficiency has on a plant. We noted that there was chlorosis and necrosis initially, meaning there was already a calcium deficiency. We then continued to mix our complete nutrient solution. We checked on our plant on a regular basis and noticed further necrosis and chlorosis of the bottom most leaves, however the other leaves remained healthy. After the dying and yellowing leaves were cut off, the plant began to grow consistently again but at a slower pace.


At the end of the experiment, the plant was standing tall and a dull green color with numerous yellow flowers. We observed that other broccoli plants being grown by other teams were of a deeper green color. Our plant had many flowers and a broccoli sprout at the top of the stem. The plant lost a total of 5 leaves and while it grew rapidly initially, it did not rapidly grow at a consistent rate over the 6-week period. We expected the plant to be thriving and producing much more than we found to be true.
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