The Implementation of the K+12 Systems in the Philippines

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Brief Background / Rationale: why is there a need to conduct your study? The sun has a harmful ray that brings different diseases through our skin. In our investigatory project we try to find a way to avoid these diseases. So we come up with the solution better than buying commercial products like sunscreen. And our solution is making a sun block made of extracts from the vegetable broccoli.

Research Problems: What problems do you wish to address/solve? 1. The heat of the sun which results to skin problems.
2. The different cancer problems of people, especially skin cancer 3. Allergy and asthma, are effects of heat and ultraviolet rays
Significance of the study: is the study Beneficial? Practical? 1. It prevents the skin of a person against the harmful rays of the sun which leads to skin cancer. 2. When you drink the broccoli extract you will have a less chance of having bladder, prostate and stomach cancer or even heart disease and atherosclerosis. 3. It is cheaper than real sunscreen which contains certain chemicals that also leads to cancer.

Research Design: How do you conduct the study? Present or Blueprint / Plan. ·We first bought broccoli, and then washed and chopped it afterwards. ·We grounded the broccoli into powder and put it in a handkerchief. ·We now squeezed the handkerchief with the powdered broccoli into the mug, and we obtained the liquid green form from it which is the extract. ·We then mixed it with lotion. We mixed and mixed it and wait for one minute until it is finish. ·We apply the broccoli sun block into our skin and we go outside and test it. ·We have fun going outside while waiting for the effects of the cream that we made. Doing things while enjoying, is one of the scientific method of making a project.

Scope and Delimitation: What is the range/extent of your study? Place.Respondents.Durati​on. We made our project in Juffair Bahrain at 40 ° Celsius, 104° Fahrenheit at exactly 12:10 P.M. We use, 3 broccolis, skin...
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