Nutrition Discussion Set 1

Topics: Nutrition, Dietary fiber, Trans fat Pages: 6 (1465 words) Published: March 27, 2013
NUTR 2202

1. (30 points) Using Appendix H in your textbook:

• Fill in the calories, carbohydrate, fat and its components (sat, poly, mono, trans), and fiber values for each food/beverage in the table found on the last page of this Discussion Set. Remember to look at the portion and adjust values if the portion in the table is different than that listed in Appendix H.

• Add each column to get a total for all nutrients. Please answer this question by filling in the chart. TIP: we will also use this day’s intake for DS2 and DS3. Highlight the entries in your text and you won’t have to find them again.

2. (35 points) Using the example for how to calculate the energy from food (page 10 in the text):

• Determine what percentage of the calories for this day’s intake were from carbohydrate (CHO), total fat, and each type of fat.

Percentage of the Calories from CHO: 41%

Percentage of the Calories from total fat: 48%

Sat. Fat: 17%

Mono Fat: 8%

Poly Fat: 4%

Trans Fat: 3%

• Show or explain your calculations.

To find the % of the calories that were from carbs I took the total amount of carbs consumed for the day (380.3 g) and multiplied it by 4kcal/g (380.3 x 4) to get 1521.3 kcal. I then divided that product by my total overall calories for the day (3736.5) to give me .407, and from there a multiplied that number by 100 to give me 41%.

*I used the same format for the remaining calculations.*

Total Fat: 200.3 x 9 = 1802.7…..1802.7/3736.5 = .482….0.482 x 100 = 48%

Sat Fat: 72.55 x 9 = 652.95……652.95/3736.5 = .174……0.174 x 100 = 17%

Mono Fat: 34.55 x 9 = 310.95…..310.95/3736.5 = .083…..0.083 x 100 = 8%

Poly Fat: 18.1 x 9 = 162.9…..162.9/3736.5 = .043…….0.043 x 100 = 4%

Trans Fat: 13 x 9 = 117….117/3736.5 = .031…..0.031 x 100 = 3%

• Compare the CHO and total fat values to the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges.

The % of calories from carbs fell just short of AMDR’s range of 45 – 65% with a percentage of 41%.

The % of calories from total fats was good amount over AMDR’s range of 20 – 35% with a percentage of 48%

3. (20 points) Using the information in Highlight 1 in your textbook, find a credible website that has nutrition and/or health information that is of interest to you:

• Give at least 3 ways you determined it was reliable.

1. The web address ends in “.gov”.

2. The web page is often updated and its last update was on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

3. The web site is managed by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and it states this at the bottom of each page of the website.

• Provide a summary of the information provided by the website and how it will be helpful to you (beyond what you have learned in the text).

Healthy People is a scientifically based website that provides objectives and opportunities to help improve the health and lifestyles of all Americans. The website gives you multiple different topics regarding health (anything from Nutrition and Weight status to topics about Cancer) to help better inform you about the topic, how to act on the topic, and institutions/interventions working on the topic. It will be helpful to me because it provides me with information about some topics that I might not have known very much about, and if I am passionate or am directly affected by a topic, it gives me many different ways on how to act on the topic.

4. (10 points) What is the most common cause of peptic ulcers? What is recommended treatment? The most common cause is due to H. pylori bacterial infection. Recommended...
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