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Feb. 18

No changes yet

No change

1&2 spot young leaf margin

No changes

1 one spot young leaf 2 no change

1 violet color on lower part of stem 2 No changes

1&2 small spots in young leaf

1&2 white spots in young leaf

Feb. 19

Naputol yung isang dahon Pale color na color ng leaves

1 Pale color ng leaf

1&2 spot young leaf margin (same as above)

Nothing change

1 one spot young leaf (same as above) 2 nothing change 1 Old leaves are yellowis h 2 no change observe d

1 isang patubong dahon namatay, white spot on OL tas malap8 na m2mty 2 isang dahon may small brown spot

1 small brown spot on margin 2 nagkaroon ng yellow spot, one Young leaf deformed

1 white spots young leaf


2 isang dahon na cut, white spots in young leaf

Feb 21

1 Old leaves are pale 2 Violet discoloration in OL, Yellow discoloration on one OL in blade

1 Stem has violet coloration, OL has spots 2 OL has yellow spot too

1 Old leaf has dark spot 2 leaf deformed leaf

Pale color of leaves.

1 Old leaves develops spots at blade 2 small white spot seen

1 Spots are form on mature leaves 2 Young leaf (Chlorosis)

1 Young leaf starts to yellow, some spots appear 2 white spots in young leaf

Feb 22

1&2 weak yung stem (lantay) pale color ng leaf

1&2 Older leaves white small spot seen

1&2 Lantay na yun stem ng Young Leaf

Stems were weak.

1 one Young leaf deform 2 Young leaf tip seen spot

1 white spot on OL dumami 2 white spot became bigger

1 brown spot on margin 2 leaf is totally white w/ black lines

1 young leaf deform 2 white spots in young leaf

Feb 23

1 All leaves became yellowish in color 2 Nabulok yun isang old leaves, pale yun color ng iba

1 Chlorosis in Old Leaves, deformed yung young leaf 2 Old leaf undergone chlorosis

1 Old & young leaf deformed, One old leaf necrosis 2 young leaf deformed

1 young leaf deformed 2 young leaf start to rot

1 same as above 2 Young leaf has dark spot

1 nabulok nay un isang leaf 2 same as above

1 stem became violet in color 2 Old leaf is rot

1 Old leaf start to die 2 same as above

Feb 26

1 two old leaves died 2 one old leaf died, deformed leaf apex

1 Deformation in apex of some leaves 2 Young leaf is in light brown color.

1 young leaf & sprout are dead 2 young leaf died, & it was dried & crumpled.

1 one leaf is dried and crumpled, leaf was yellowish. 2 other leafs shows spots in stem

1 one leaf was dead with light brown color. 2 Other leaves showed discolor ation of spot in blade & margin.

1 3leaves were dead, showing brown and white color. 2 Leaves are deforming, young leaves are crumpled.

1 Young sprout is found dead, light brown. 2 Young leaf is dead, one leaf found necrotic spot.

1 In young leaf veins, yellow discoloration seen 2 2leaves were dead, young leaf chlorosis.

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