Scientific Method

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Prediction Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Complete the Scientific Method activity on the student website. Write a 350-word paper on the scientific method. Include the following:

Summarize the steps of the scientific method
* Observation: a noticeable event that has been witnessed. *
* Question: a question attempts to explain the observation ex: why is this happening. *
* Hypothesis: a statement made to predict the solution and outcome. *
* Prediction: based on the hypothesis, indicates the outcome. It is an IF-THEN statement. *
* Conclusion: details the findings of the testing. What happened when you tested your theory? *
* Results: the result is tied back to the hypothesis. Is the hypothesis refuted or supported? If the findings are refuted then ask another question. *
Describe how you applied the steps of the scientific method in the activity. *
* I observed that the tomatoes were not growing as well as they had grown in the past. I question why the tomatoes are not doing as well. I made a hypothesis that the tomatoes need more nutrients. I added nutrients to the soil but it did not help. So, I hypothesized that the tomatoes needed a greenhouse for moisture and warmth. I predicted that if I put the tomatoes in a greenhouse, then they will grow better. The tomatoes did grow better in the greenhouse and the hypothesis was supported. *

Describe a real-life problem where you have or could have used the steps of the scientific method to solve the problem. Include the steps involved in solving the problem. *
* I had one of those small palm-tree looking plants, it died rather quickly. I used the scientific method to try and save it, to no avail. I first noticed the leaves turning yellow. I then began to wonder why the plant was turning yellow. I hypothesized that it might need more sunlight, the extra sunlight was not helpful. I then hypothesized that it needed less sunlight. After a few weeks I realized that this was...
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