Affect of Color on Plant Growth

Topics: Color, Red, Light Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Growth of Plant under Different Colored Light
Problem: Does the color of light affect the plant growth?
Hypothesis: Red color will have the most impact on the plant growth, meanwhile; black will have the least impact on the plant growth Variables:
Dependent Variable is the color of light
Independent Variable is the type of plant used
Plants (of the same type)
Colored Construction Paper
Colored Transparent Print Paper
Lamp with Incandescent bulb
Foil Plates
1.Make sure the plants are watered and put in the sunlight (all the plants must be put together) 2.Measure the height of plant in centimeters.
3.Cover the foil plant with one of the colors (ex. Red, Green, Blue, Black,) with the colored construction paper 4.Tape the colored transparent printer paper to the lamp were it lights from 5.Put the plant in the colored foil plate

6.Put the colored light on the plant
7.Leave the plant under that colored light for a certain period of time (make sure that the period of time is always the same for all the other colors as well)

Data Collection and Processing:
Trial One= (Height of Plant before Affect of Light was 23.2 cm) Color of LightHeight of Plant Before Colored LightHeight of Plant After Colored LightDifference in Height Black23.2 cm ± 0.523.9 cm ± 0.50.7mm ± 0.1

Green23.9 cm ± 0.525.1 cm ± 0.51.2cm ± 0.1
Blue29.3 cm ± 0.530.3 cm ± 0.51.0cm ± 0.1
Red25.1 cm ± 0.529.3 cm ± 0.54.2cm ± 0.1
Normal Conditions30.3cm ± 0.534.3cm ± 0.54.0cm ± 0.1

Trial Two= (Height of Plant before Affect of Light was 21.3 cm) Color of LightHeight of Plant Before Colored LightHeight of Plant After Colored LightDifference in Height Black21.3cm ± 0.521.9 cm ± 0.50.6mm ± 0.1

Green21.9 cm ± 0.523.5 cm ± 0.51.6cm ± 0.1
Blue23.5 cm ± 0.524.4 cm ± 0.50.9mm ± 0.1
Red24.4 cm ± 0.528.8 cm ± 0.54.4cm ± 0.1
Normal Conditions28.8cm ± 0.532.6cm ± 0.5...
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