Nutr 313 Exam One Study Gide

Topics: Nutrition, Dietary Reference Intake, Digestion Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Lecture 1
Hunger: biological; controlled by hypothalamus
Appetite: psychological
Alcohol: source of calories and energy
How are nutrients classified? Macro (g) and micro (mg); essential and non essential (omega 3) What food groups are subdivided by?
Grains – whole or refine
Fruits – juices or whole
Vegetables – color intensity
Which group has plant and animal sources?
Dairy, meat, oil
Phytochemical – still yet to be discovered; plant-based substance; has extra benefit to diet Lecture 2
Scientific method – first step: define the question
What are red flags you might see in a nutrition advertisement: promise of quick and easy remedy; claim sounds too good to be true; scare tactics; attacks on motives and ethical standards of MDs; testimonials and anecdotes; promotes benefits and overlooks risk; uses clinical terms that are scientific sounding; incomplete references; recommendations based on a single study; tiny disclaimers Know more reliable sources of nutritional information: professional organizations, government agencies, trade/industry organizations; food companies; .gov or .org Know the best way to evaluate nutrition information – how do you know if it is valid or reliable: what is the motive; does the source cite reputable expert or peer-reviewed publications; was the experiment cited appropriate for the ad; how was the experiment conducted Lecture 3

Know what percent daily values is and where you see it - Table 2-9 in book Know what the excellent claim is - provides 20% or more of daily value Recognize if something is low in fat: 3g or less per serving and if the serving is 30g or less or 2 tbspoons or less, per 50g of the food. 2% is not low fat Recognize if something is a source - provides at least 10% of daily value Know what is required on a nutrition fact panel: serving size expressed in one of 3 ways: •bulk products

discrete units
servings per container
amount per serving for:
Total Calories, Calories from fat,...
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