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The Food Pyramid
The guidelines of 1894 were updated in 1916 by dividing the recommendations into five groups; milk and meat, cereal, fruits and vegetables, all fatty foods, and sugars. Eventually, the dietary guide was split into four basic food groups (milk, meats, fruits and vegetables, and grains) and printed as a list. The graphic of the food pyramid was first introduced in 1988.

Before it actually turned into a pyramid, it was a food wheel. The "Food Wheel," which was a combined effort of the American Red Cross and USDA, featured amounts of food for three separate calorie levels. This came out in the year 1984. Around 1992, the pyramid was on a black background with brightly decorated pictures, along with words stating the suggested portions daily. The bottom of the pyramid contains the foods we should consume the most, and as the pyramid becomes smaller near the top, the amount of those foods decreases proportionately.

The 2005 MyPyramid Food Guidance System is a simplification of the 1992 food guide. Other changes included and band for oils and the representation for physical activity. In 2011, it was a pyramid anymore, it turned into a plate. This breaks a healthy diet into four main sections: fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, with a small side of dairy. Government officials including, First lady Michelle Obama worked on this new way to promote a healthy diet.

The change in the food pyramids just shows how the government is changing and trying to show many Americans better and healthier lives. The USDA plans on making changes based on new information. In general, however, the message will remain similar: eat a low-fat diet, exercise, enjoy fruits and vegetables, use small amounts of sodium, and eat sugars sparingly.

1. 2005 Dietary Guidelines - USDA
2. Learning about the food pyramid
3. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
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