Nuclear Technology

Topics: Nuclear power, Nuclear technology, Cancer Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: December 18, 2012
“Nuclear Technology is the leading international publication reporting on new information in all areas of the practical application of nuclear science.” (American Nuclear Society) Today, nuclear technology is used for a variety of reasons that include weapons, medicine, food and agriculture, smoke detectors, and environmental protection. However, many people see nuclear technology as a destruction that could eventually kill us all. In addition, people believe that if scientists keep developing and advancing nuclear technologies, that this destruction is inevitable. This is simply not true; Americans use nuclear technology in everyday life, and it has definitely done more good then harm. In fact, without nuclear technology, Americans we be put in higher risk in many aspects of life. Therefore, nuclear technology helped people in a variety of ways, and is certainly not leading to an evitable destruction.

In 1864 Charles Darwin developed the idea of “survival of the fittest”. It was created as an alternative to natural selection and stated that the animals that are most fit for a particular environment will survive over the rest. In many ways, people act upon this theory. For instance, nuclear technology has allowed us to be more ‘fit’ for the environment. If there is one thing in this world that is inevitable it would have to be war. Since the beginning of team, countries have fought over land,

money, power, etc. The creation of nuclear technology has not only protected us in war, but it has prevented more war from happening. Since America has the technology and intelligence to create such technology, many countries are afraid of America. In addition, other powerful countries have become America’s ally. The reason why America has became so powerful, and has created the “American Dream” for so many people, is simply because it is more fit then other countries. Hence, why some countries do not last, or fall into a third world status. Nuclear technology has...
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