Nuclear Power

Topics: Nuclear power, Coal, Nuclear fission Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Nuclear power is one of the most controversial energy sources in Canada and also throughout the world and is being talked about very frequently lately as to whether or not it is a safe alternative to other forms of energy such as coal or oil. In my opinion, energy from uranium (nuclear power) is a reasonable alternative to other forms of energy that come from non-renewable resources that are rapidly depleting. In the following essay I will enforce my opinion in the subject and attempt to convince you that nuclear power is an effective source of energy.

Uranium, which is the source of nuclear energy, is in abundance at the moment in Canada so I feel like it would be a waste to not use it. If the uranium is properly processed and the waste is then reprocessed it is proven to be thousands times more efficient than any other form of energy we have discovered. The energy generated is in the most concentrated form and the waste as a result of the process is much more compact than any other fuel source.

People might argue that nuclear power is unsafe and although there have been several incidents in the past of nuclear power plants exploding, these can all be attributed to human error and when processed properly by a well trained staff, nuclear power is generally very stable and reliable. With the need for as little as ten employees at a nuclear power plant, it is easily possible to eliminate these possible tragic errors. The amount of deaths due to nuclear power in the past is far less than deaths due to coal or oil production. Once a nuclear reactor is in place and set up, it is very inexpensive to operate and maintain and the parts for the reactor can be easily made at fairly low costs. In the long run nuclear power is far more efficient and cost effective than the energy sources we are using on a large scale such as coal and oil and can produce much more energy per amount of matter.

The main reason why I believe nuclear power should be used is the low amount...
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