Nuclear Energy

Topics: Nuclear fission, Hydroelectricity, Coal Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Nuclear Energy
There are many advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear power. Nuclear power is said to prevent power outages that happen in areas without nuclear power. For an example, if we were using hydroelectricity and the dam suddenly malfunctions, then we won’t have electricity until someone fixes the dam, and that would be difficult if it happened in the middle of the night. However, on the other hand, nuclear power is also considered toxic and it pollutes the Earth with harmful and deadly waste. Here are a few reasons why we should and should not use nuclear power.

One of the reasons why we should use nuclear power is that it doesn’t pollute like coal and other fossil fuels. Scientists have said that using nuclear power is used to power electricity in most homes. They have also been saying that nuclear power tend to work better than using fossil fuels, gas power, and hydroelectric power. Since scientists are saying it works better, than we can use more nuclear power than using fossil fuels, gas power, and hydroelectric power. Another reason why we should use nuclear power is that scientists have said that it is possible to generate a high amount of electrical energy in one single nuclear power plant unlike coal, gas, hydroelectric power plants since they need a few to power electricity. This is important because it costs more to build a nuclear power plant than to build a coal, gas, or hydroelectric power plant. That way, we can save money by building one nuclear power plant instead of a few coal, gas, or hydro electric power plants. One more reason why we should use nuclear power is that scientists have been saying that the affect of global warming because of nuclear has been relatively little compared to coal, gas, and hydroelectric power. If we keep using nuclear power for electricity and other good uses, then there would be less global warming, but if we start to use more and more fossil fuels, then global warming will keep increasing in...
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