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Topics: Nuclear power, Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents, Chernobyl disaster Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The electronic copy of the article used for this task (pdf article referenced below) has been attached. McGovern M. H. and Tiwari J. (2009). Interactions: Energy/Environment – Nuclear Energy Impacts On Health. Retrieved From: Synthesis of the 5 page source with an APA formatted in-text citation According to McGovern, there are numerous health risks connected to nuclear energy and the exposure of human cells to its radiations. This is a critical aspect in the context of health and other provisions regarding this article. The entire paper discusses more on the aspects of technology and its devastating effects on health. It is vital to agree that technology has revolutionized the entire sectors of economy, health, and social aspects; nonetheless, nuclear energy has impacts that cannot be contained in the health contexts. Numerous strategies are required in order to curb the menace even there is need to embrace such technologies. This article takes a look at the health risks related to the use of nuclear energy and the importance of understanding these risks. This article acknowledges the fact that nuclear energy may have both positive and negative impacts on individual’s health. However, the only positive impact on health which is highlighted in this article is the fact that nuclear energy can be used to produce electricity which is important in maintaining and developing economies (McGovern M. H. and Tiwari J. (2009). the article acknowledges the fact that the positive impacts of nuclear technology may be dwarfed and become insignificant by the extent of the negatives associated with nuclear energy. the radiological and non-radiological risks posed with nuclear mishaps or misuse of nuclear facilities is also discussed. according to the article, the dangers of exposure to high dosages to radiation is illustrated using the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 (McGovern & Tiwari, 2009). A paraphrase of...
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