Topics: Family, Apostrophe, Grandparent Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 30, 2013
My grandparents are always talking about how young children these days always need their help, like with manners and clothing, and apparently I always need a haircut! But you know what I'm not the one that needs help! Just the other day, my grandma got an account on Facebook, so right away I blocked her- just like I do with all my other family members- but of course when she FINALLY!!!!!! figures out how to use the search box, she can't find me, so she calls me down and asks why I'm not on her list, of course with my quick thinking, and wits I tell her that while I was on my computer when a bright ray of light came through our window and blew up our computer! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course she believes this and says that she had to call my mother right away. I jumped to my feet and told her I'll get it, so I grab the phone, dial in a fake number and start to talk. "Hi mom" (pause) "Yep it's me, just calling because Grandma wanted to hear about the computer" (pause) "Uh huh, all right I'll tell her that" I put down the phone and turned to my grandma and say "It's all right, the maintenance guy just arrived" my grandma sighs in relief and goes back to the computer. The next day, I was on my page, when I found a picture of me while I was in the bathtub when I was two!, and underneath it was a comment saying "I guess your computer got fixed, because I found you" but of course I didn't recognize the profile, so I started to freak out, that's when I found out that my grandma made a fake account so she could be my friend. Hmmmmmmmmm...... maybe I am the one who needs help after all....
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