Non Verbal Communication in Daily Life

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Interview Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: October 9, 2011
What you do, says more than the words you use. Nonverbal communication accounts for themajority of what is heard and understood by a listener. Nonverbal communication has theability to persuade, confuse and empower the people directly around you. When your verbalcommunication and nonverbal communication agree, the message you are communicatingwill be better understood and digested.Nonverbal communication can be defined as the communication that takes place withoutspoken words. By simply observing a person’s nonverbal communication, it can be easy toidentify when someone is not truly paying attention or simply does not care about what isbeing said. Nonverbal communication is important at all times, but can be especiallyimportant during the job interview process.Nonverbal communication begins the moment a resume is sent to a prospective employer.Ensuring that the nonverbal communication speaks in a positive way can be the first step inlanding your dream job.Eye contact during the job interview is extremely important. Maintaining consistent eyecontact with the interviewer shows that the applicant is interested in the company andunderstands what is being said. Also, if the applicant looks down throughout the interview, itgives the appearance of someone who is timid and unsure of himself or herself. A healthyamount of eye contact shows confidence and self-assurance by the interviewee.Arriving on time for the interview is another way that nonverbal communication speaksvolumes. Those who arrive early set a good tone for the rest of the interview. Arriving latemay indicate what type of employee the applicant would become. Employers will perceivethe applicant as someone that may arrive late to work as well.

Job applicants need to be sure to curb any nervous mannerisms they may have. Twirling hair,picking fingernails, and swinging feet can be very distracting for the interviewer.Recognizing the importance of...
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