Nokia Performance

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One of the reasons Nokia has fallen so fast is that it has a simple branding problem: Nokia isn’t a distinctive brand. It is a brand with positive associations and high awareness, but it isn’t unique. For many years, Nokia seemed to successfully do what marketing experts say you can’t do: serve all segments in a market. Nokia sold very high-end, technologically advanced phones and simple, inexpensive phones, all under the Nokia brand. The branding structure was very simple: the Nokia brand with a product number, such as N8, the company’s newest smartphone, or E7. Of course, many branding problems only surface over time. And that is certainly the case for Nokia. By playing in all segments of the market, Nokia watered down its brand, eroding its meaning. Nokia has competitors with very strong brands. Apple has created a remarkably strong brand portfolio with well-defined brands: iPod, iPhone and iPad. Blackberry is a strong brand, too. While the mention of Nokia might draw blank stares to consumers in the US market, it’s important to note that Nokia has much stronger brand awareness by consumers in Europe and Asia and is still the #1 handset maker in the world. Nokia has attempted to serve all segments of the market (as last year’s failed attempt to compete with Apple by launching the KIN series of social media phones demonstrated). Nokia can’t win the app war or the shiniest-glossiest-toy war. It’s strongest brand traits are in the durability, reliability, and engineering nature of its phones. With the right re-branding campaign Nokia can build on these brand traits to convert themselves into the Toyota of the mobile phone industry – a company that focuses on delivery quality products to its consumers. Nokia was recently selected as one of the most trusted brands in India for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row. In Europe and Asia, Nokia has a strong brand image. In my opinion Nokia has to cope with the emerging needs of today’s global market. [Nowadays consumers not only use their devices to send and receive calls but also their needs are increasing day by day. they want to send and receive e-mails, shoot pictures and videos, advance GPS and internet use is also in demand so if a brand want to populate it have to take these points in vision so that it can meet consumers demands. To compete with other strong brands Nokia has to enhance their technological aspect] Ans Q2b. Nokia headquarter is very far away from open market where established and new companies are, due to this a lack of expertise and ideas sharing occurs. Another important issue is that if a company wants better performance it should have a strong management and marketing these things provide a strong foundation for the company. Recently if we take a look at statistics Nokia have made an incredible increase in their profit. How this happened?

One of the main reason is to understand the market and cope with the needs and demands of consumers ,CEO of Nokia says that “the world has changed and now it’s the time for Nokia to change.”Nokia has an amazing increase in sale units. They have cells for every one and of every quality and style. No doubt. The world's leading mobile phone manufacturer has been awarded number of accolades at Media Magazine Advertising Awards and the Asian PR Awards. Nokia was awarded the Advertiser of the Year for 1998 at the Media Magazine Advertising Awards and also in Asian PR Awards.

[Nokia is Marketing oriented organization. In 2004, Nokia was chosen as 'the most respected consumer durables company' by Business world. There is definitely role of marketing in Nokia’s present market position. By increasing its brand loyalty in past few years, Nokia has become more of a pull brand. Customer have started going to Nokia showrooms and asking for latest handsets.

Nokia club was born to strengthen the loyalty of Nokia mobile phones' users, in order to offer them enterprises, duties, contents, meanwhile boosting the commitment...
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