Nokia 5 Force Model Analysis

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Nokia is of the largest telecommunication manufacturer company and is known globally for its reliable and good quality products. It has good reputation all around the world. It is leading brand in some areas and still growing day by day. Vision

Voice goes mobile………….if it can go mobile…………………….it will. Mission
Connecting people.
SWOT analysis of Nokia
SWOT analysis is the tool which helps the organization to understand where it stands. The SWOT analysis of Nokia make it understand that where Nokia stand in the market. Strengths
Nokia has the strong brand name which is its one of the most important strength because it is then favorable for Nokia to launch its new products because it is reliable for the customers by establish as strong brand. Its distribution network is wide globally so the products are easily available for the target customers. Nokia has also strong finances which make it possible to make innovations easily.  Nokia products are easy to use for everyone, even an illiterate person in some developing countries use Nokia easily. Nokia has high range of products which is attractive for the customers. Nokia mobile sets have high re-sell value as compared to others which is favorable for Nokia as well as for the customers. Weaknesses

Nokia have high prices as compared to others but its good quality and reliable products somehow cover this weakness of Nokia but still it is weakness and lower class is unable to purchase Nokia products.  Some of the Nokia products are not user friendly which didn’t get success in the market. Nokia’s sales and service centers are very few therefore its after sale service is not impressive. If the customers face the problem in the product then they have to face difficulty. Opportunities

Nokia can expend its market share by introducing brand in new market and by catering new target market as well. It can also capture more market share and attract more customers in existing market by changing price and...
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