Nokia Swot Analysis

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Nokia SWOT Analysis
Strong brand image is Nokia's core asset. The company continues to strengthen its brand equity through various marketing campaigns. Nokia's brand was the fifth most valued brand in the world according to the top 100 best brands list compiled by InterBrand in 2009, and was the only mobile phone manufacturer in the top 10 best brands list. A strong and highly visible brand enables the company to command a premium for its products and differentiate itself from competitors. The company has been the leading player in the global mobile devices market since 1998. The company's strong market position, besides enhancing the brand image, provides economies of scale in operation. Nokia has the unique production technology, strong technical strength, perfect quality control system. Nokia has an great advantage over other rivals. Nokia, as a company with a 150-year history, has abundant marketing experience, first-class customer service and outstanding large-scale purchasing skills. Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People. Its goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Its ideas of the new products are from the consumer's needs, expectations and dreams, based on detailed market analysis and classifications of consumers. The Nokia-Microsoft partnership brings together two global businesses with highly complementary sets of assets and competencies. The strategic partnership sees Nokia smart phones adopting the new Windows 7 operating system, with the Symbian platform gradually being sidelined. The goal is to establish a third ecosystem to rival iOS and Android.

The company's high-end product portfolio is weak compared to its competitors. The company's high-end products are mainly offered through the N-series range of multimedia computers. While, the company's multimedia products feature music players, cameras, pocket computers, gaming consoles and...
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