Newspaper Article

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Newspaper Article

The argument in this article is about whether if children are being challenged in class. I agree to a certain level.First, I think that children aren't being challenged because the teachers are showing sympathy and just letting the children pass the class. Also, the children that are intellectually advanced are seeing the work as easy but, the less educated children are spotting it as hard. Then, when the children get home they are showing their parents the work. The parents are looking at it and labeling it as stressful work for a kid.

Some teachers make their children work hard for their grade, then there are those teachers who are soft and give easy work to let all students succeed. The article states that 29% of U.S. eighth graders is saying they understand the work. So, 71% of them is not understanding but they still end up passing? The teachers are more than likely giving them answers and they're not learning. In conclusion, I think the reason behind the children not being challenged because they know they're going to pass anyway.

There are advanced kids and there are regular kids. Sometimes the advanced kids may do the work more easier than the regular kids. In certain teachers classes, when most of everybody understand they move on to the next lesson. When teachers do that the children will farther behind because they don't fully understand the work. The article states that students and parents are complaining about the homework saying that it's created a stress-out generation. To conclude, teachers shouldn't move on until all the students in class understand.

Then, when students get home they show there parents the work and they say the work they are getting is stressful to the kids. The work seems stressful to the parents because they either don't have at least a middle school education, or they didn't ever understand what they learned. For example, in the article it says if students are going to succeed in the competitive...
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