New Media and Ethical Disconnect – Trends in India

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Academic Research International

Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2011


Associate Professor,
Department of Communication
Bangalore University, Bangalore,

After the concept of global village, the New Media is gradually emerging as a reckoning force in India with multi-dimensional effects gesturing towards formation of a neo-culture and also affecting many prominent existing values and virtues of the populace. The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of New Media on the ethical practices and lifestyles of people in India, hence upon the culture, as against pro-active participation of the democratic citizenry in social, economic and political strata. Moreover, the presence of New Media has forced all other mass media to redefine their priorities of functioning, giving rise to metamorphic syndrome for their own survival resulting in information explosion and information pollution. They are groping to find their place in the Convergence era. The study approaches the problem through methodology of exploratory type supported by case studies and analysis. The significance of this study lies in identifying the avenues for judicious and balanced use of the New Media devoid of its harmful effects. The study also intends to measure the penetration, impact and the adverse effects of New Media on the large rural populace making them Out-of-Reach from the mainstream. The objectives include finding alternatives in modes of communication including media education that can build self-sufficient and healthy society; exploring the potential of existing cyber-laws in protecting the social fabric in Indian situation. Inferences, conclusions and recommendations are drawn out of the findings of the study. Key words: Metamorphic syndrome, information explosion, information pollution, Out-of-Reach, social fabric

India, one of the largest democracies in the world is an epitome of cultural embodiment embedded with moral values and coupled with the strength of abundant human resource as well as biodiversity. Media in India has experienced a lot to gain value amidst the complex society. Mass Media activities have been commendable at any point of time of history in informing, educating or entertaining the people all over the world. Every media have had their share of effects on the society and has been responsible in their own way for changes in socio-economic and cultural aspects. At the same time, when these mass media are viewed individually for their performances and effects, it is found that the birth of any other new mass media is a result of overcoming the shortcomings sighted in the earlier ones. Therefore it calls for the need to recognize the possibility of a plurality of mass media- high, intermediate and low, - co-existing and amenable for application to different sectors of economy and society. It needs to be recognized that all mass media are appropriate, contextually. Endorsing technological pluralism1 is an important challenge of the twenty-first century. Copyright © 2011 SAVAP International

ISSN: 2223-9553

Academic Research International

Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2011

Early Media growth: It can be declaratively stated that the story of progress of Indian media has been by and large of an unsystematic growth. The reasons are many. When the existing social condition of majority of the Indians is highly imbalanced, and in the situation the mass media enters and tries to play a role, it will have disastrous effects than taking developmental mode. It was the scene when the Indian society suffered with lack of scientific knowledge, social inequality, blind beliefs and people in their own paradise that the mass media put its pug mark on the soil. It soon led to an unbalanced situation scientifically. In the name of mass...
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