Media Ecology

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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“Media Ecology”
“Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman laid down the foundational principles of media ecology, a term that is increasingly being used to describe the totality of our media environments.”(Source: Media ecology is about how the technology changes the society and the environment we’ve grown from. Marshall McLuhan, a media scholar is the one who conceptualize the term media ecology. And Neil Postman is the one who introduced it to the public. According to them, mediums have affected and influenced the way each member of a society interacts with one another. Television, Radio, the print media and others has a great impact in the society for they are the one who are sending the messages to us people. To simply it, “The medium is the message”. New Technologies affects how people live. Media greatly affects our lives because it has the power to influence our thoughts. Before we tend to use snail mail to send messages and now we can easily do it by just typing and a click using the electronic email. In the 90’s people used pagers and beepers to send their messages and now cellphones are in. By the use of internet we can also send opinions immediately by gibing comments. The internet also provides us new forms of entertainment such as music, live streaming of videos, downloadable movies etc. were in fact not accessible before. We are being influenced to other culture, styles, and even language because of the medium. They served as an instrument that’s why people modified different changes even negative things. One example of these changes is the generation today. Teenagers nowadays were being addicted to Korean groups. Their hair styles, the way they dress and move were being imitated because that’s what teens think in fashion, cool and new. And who made them popular? It’s the medium. The medium send the message, people are being influenced, and finally we adapted it. So therefore, the media...
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