Media..Its Social Responsibility and Ethics

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  • Published: October 29, 2012
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Author: Sonia Naik

Designation: Student

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This paper analyses the need of ethics in the media today. It tries to explore how the media is being politically and financially driven and how the media forgets its responsibility towards society in its race to get high TRPs. The paper brings out the ethical questions raised in different fields of the media. It also highlights how the media moves away from its primary role, how important are ethics in media, how do media maintain their ethics and what happens when media stops focusing on ethics and its social responsibility. Through this paper I wish to make each individual aware of the role each of us plays in the media.



While dealing with the media, the answer of questions of ethics and social responsibility are ambiguous and rarely clear cut. The entire topic hinges on the question of what is right or wrong, good or bad, acceptable or not. In today’s world, media, be it the numerous newspapers, uncountable radio stations, or the endless television channels have become an intrinsic part of an individuals’ everyday life. As our world progresses and moves forward there are countless new avenues that open for the media. Therefore, the media now plays a major role in keeping one informed, updated and at the same time, entertained!

According to the uses and gratification model, many of an individuals’ psychological needs are met up by the media. So, no doubt, the media has the capacity to hold us in awe and hence keep us hooked on to it. But however, ethical questions about the responsibility of the media towards society are now being raised.


As the scope of media influence expands, ethics become increasingly important. Although the media is advancing and is able to almost ‘do the impossible’, care should be taken...
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