New Generation

Topics: Want, Youth, Need Pages: 2 (906 words) Published: November 27, 2010
A New Generation For The Youth
By: Sarah Mae Bogador
It’s not a big secret to all of us that we are in a world where there is no permanent thing. As time passes, lots of changes happen in our surroundings. Whether it’s big or small, still it affects our society.

I have observed some changes with our youth today and I want to share those things to you.
First, the changes in the way they dress. We all know that almost every day there is a change on the taste of the people and it is inevitable. We can also see that the young people are also having their own fashion trend. I don’t see anything bad about this because having your own style shows everyone your personality and it adds up to your confidence to face other people. Second, we are all familiar with the word “Plastic Surgery”. This is a process where in the part of your face or body that you think looks “ugly” is being “fixed” or “edited”. A large amount of money is needed here, but some people don’t care, nowadays, the person who undergoes this process is getting younger and younger. I just read from a newspaper about a 16 year old girl who had undergone this process. I was so shocked and at the same time worried with the effect of this to those young people. In your own opinion, what pushes those people to undergo this process? I think the only reason is “obviousness”. Because of the different things we see on television, just like those beautiful actress and stars, our jealousy rises. So. We tend to do many things to ourselves, just to look beautiful just like those celebrities. But what we don’t see is the effect of this to our morality or virtue as a human. We all know that God made us this way because this is the way He wants us to be. We may not be perfect, but for Him we are the most beautiful creature, and we should accept ourselves just the way God accepts us a human.

Fourth, another change that I’ve observed to our young people is the way they think. We can see that nowadays the youth is...
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