Extreme Surgery Cluster Questions

Topics: Plastic surgery, Microsurgery, Surgery Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Remeny White
Jimmy Lue
Camilha Contreras
Team 7
Period 6

The Informed Argument Cluster Questions pages 282-301: Extreme Surgery

1. This claim does not seem reasonable to me; rather, it seems outright ridiculous. As a cross country runner, my body wept when he said that “exercise and diet, it seems, are too much like hard work”. To believe that plastic surgery is the only way to get in shape or feel good about yourself is false and frankly depressing. 2. Although it is sad, I do agree that acceptance of cosmetic surgery is growing. Celebrities and the media talk so openly about it that it’s hard not to get used to the idea of changing your appearance through surgery. My immediate family is pretty apathetic to the whole idea, but multiple members of my mom’s step-dad’s family have gotten breast augmentations and nose jobs. I think South Pasadena is relatively accepting of plastic surgery, as long as it’s minor and not drastic. I think slight liposuction would be the surgery most likely to be accepted, whereas a more serious facial reconstruction surgery would most likely not be accepted. 3. Patients have recently begun to request more surgeries be performed on them simultaneously. This means that they are under the knife for up to seven or eight hours, basically transforming their whole bodies. 4. The media is most likely the greatest contributor to plastic surgery’s increasing popularity. Celebrities so openly endorse it, so it makes the “average” folk believe that they could look like the glamorous superstars if they get plastic surgery, too. Also, people are becoming increasingly unhappy with their appearances because of the pictures of beautiful (and heavily photoshopped) men and women featured in magazines and on television. People are now pressured to look their best all the time, and are judged more on their looks than personality, so they feel pressured to alter parts of their bodies that aren’t perfect. 5. Plastic surgery can...
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