Nescafe in India

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  • Published : March 9, 2008
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Executive Summary
Coffee has the distinction of being the second most-traded commodity in the world, after oil. It is also one of the world's most popular beverages. Nescafe has emerged as a world leader in the coffee industry and the word ‘Nescafe' has become almost synonymous to coffee. On an average around 3000 cups of Nescafe coffee are drunk every second all over the world. Nescafe is also the leader in India and has been quite successful in capturing a substantial market share over a period of time.

The following report tries to captures the controllable and uncontrollable environmental factors with respect to the brand Nescafe, as per the following criteria:

1.COMPANY, PRODUCT PROFILE AND SWOT ANALYSIS: The report starts with a brief description of Nestle, Nescafe and also its stellar growth over the past few years has been described. On the basis of secondary data, we developed a SWOT analysis of Nescafe where we have listed Nescafe's key strengths and weaknesses and have tried to identify the possible opportunities and threats to the company based on these strengths and weaknesses and found out that Nescafe is the leading brand in the pure coffee segment with an all India market share of around 55 %.

2.CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND COMPETITION ANALYSIS: This part is based on a structured and detailed questionnaire based survey that helps us understand the behavior of the consumers in terms of buying roles, decision making process and purchase behavior. The consumers are also classified according to the information provided in the survey. The Survey also identifies the competitors of Nescafe in intra and inter segment.
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