Negative Externalities- Statement of the Problem

Topics: Sustainable development, Sustainability, Cagayan de Oro City Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Significance of the Study
These are the following individuals or institutions that will benefit from the findings of the study: Government. This study will provide a basis on making or improving government policies, rules and regulations regarding accounting for negative externalities in the Philippines. Since climate change is a global issue, the government of the Philippines is in need to intervene with institutions or companies that contribute to it.

For the local government of Misamis Oriental, this study will help them on having a good picture on what is the accounting practice related to negative externalities of the companies located within the premises. This will help them on deciding to issue a local provisions or city ordinance and implementations in dealing with the current matter. The Society. The society can derive benefits from this study because whatever rules and policies that the government issues, they will be the end recipient. Sustainable developments by companies will also have a great impact on the society particularly on the regulation of activities that will mitigate the negative impact on the environment. Thus, they are able to lessen the burden in paying alone the consequences of the negative externalities emitted by companies. Academe. This particular institution will be benefited by making this study as one of the references in promoting sustainable responsibility to the students of their respective field. As moulder of the future accountants and managers, they can relay the information and findings to the students. The results of the study will benefit the students and the researchers since they can use it as a guideline in pursuance of their further knowledge and research about this kind of topic. Companies. They can base their improvement of its sustainability reporting, having accounted for the negative externalities they have emitted. Also, they can have new guidelines on reporting the negative externalities in their...
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