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David Jones

David Jones Limited operates in retailing industry selling variety of commodities to consumers. The financial year 2011 was the first year that David Jones had consolidated its non-financial disclosure with respect to corporate social responsibility (CSR) into one report. David Jones had made great effort to provide its employees a working environment in which all the staff are supported, recognized, rewarded and given opportunity to reach their full potential. It developed different programs to ensure a healthy and positive working environment, ran training and learning sessions for employees’ self-improvement and implemented various initiatives to encourage communication between staff and top management. As a part of its organizational vision, David Jones is committed to making a significant contribution to Australian society mainly through support of its philanthropic partners especially women and children’s health. In 2011, it disclosed the donation totaled $1.15 million to different social charities. Under the environmental legislation, David Jones disclosed total energy consumption and emissions data to the Federal Government, updated to the National Packaging Covenant (NPC) for the strength of its qualitative and quantitative analysis, carried out a two-year action plan to the new Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and made its first submission to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) of carbon emissions. However, the CSR disclosures of David Jones are not assured as no independent assurance provider engaged in the assurance (David Jones, 2011).

JB Hi-Fi Limited

JB Hi-Fi Limited also operates in retailing industry mainly selling electronic products to consumers. The environmental sustainability is a major concern for JB Hi-Fi when undertaking its corporate social responsibility. The company is committed to several voluntary initiatives to ensure the business operation would bring minimal impacts on the Australian environment. It has developed different systems to monitor energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and report to CDP, submitted to APC a five-year action plan about reducing packaging impact on environment and launched recycling programs to facilitate electronic devices recycling. In order to give back to the community, JB Hi-Fi established a workplace giving program called ‘Helping Hands’ to support eight charities and match dollar for dollar regular employees contributions through its payroll system. In 2011, JB Hi-Fi raised $169000 to assist those affected by the Queensland flood and ‘Change for Change’ donation boxes are in place across all the stores in Australia. The CSR disclosures of JB Hi-Fi are assured by the Audit and Risk Management Committee established by the Board (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2011).

Pacific Brands

Pacific Brands is a marketer of Everyday Essential Brands operating in consumer discretionary industry. The corporate social responsibility of Pacific Brands touches every part of the business enabling all the stakeholders to contribute to minimizing harmful impacts on environment and supporting the communities in which the company operates. Pacific Brands has set new corporate values that emphases the staff participation across the business and enhance the positive behavior among employees. The health and safety of employees are top priorities for Pacific Brands and its suppliers are evaluated to avoid potential problem of poor compliance with safety, environment and quality requirements. The Pacific Brands works effectively and efficiently towards environmental friendly production. It joined the APC to help reduce environmental effects of packaging in Australia, greenhouse gas emissions are measured, assessed and reported on an annual basis and monthly data on water, energy, fuel and waste across all of the company operations are collected to identify improvement opportunities....
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