Jjt2 Task 1

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JJT2 Social Responsibility

Company X Tax Services is a part time small home operated business with one employee who is the owner/operator. It provides tax preparation and filing to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and s-corporations. Company X Tax Services has been in business since 1996. There has never been a sustainability strategy save for 100% adherence to tax laws. (A1)

Good company citizenship goes beyond simply meeting the letter of the law. A socially responsible company should be aware of the effects its decision-making has on the community around it. This is illustrated in part “A” of the unanimously adopted policies of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Virtual Conference, the Regional Expert Group Meeting on Integrated Environmental Considerations into Economic Policy Making Processes, Bangkok, 20-24 July 1998. A. “The need and benefits of integrating environmental considerations into economic policy making processes: 1. Both economic development and protection of the environment are critical for sustainable development. The environment is not an isolated concern but cuts across all sectors. Also economic policies impact at multiple levels and across sectors. Therefore there is a strong need to merge/integrate environmental concerns into economic decision making processes in order to provide a more rational basis for decisions. 2. Such integration facilitates a holistic view on critical issues. It enables analysis of complementary and conflicting issues across a number of sectors, providing, in the process, for a better understanding by all parties. It can help prevent the cross-sectoral impacts of policies and programmes which are detrimental to the environment. 3. Integration enlarges the choices for policy makers by bringing into the matrix of decision making a wider mix of likely scenarios. Integration is a process/pathway towards meeting the objectives of both economic development and environmental protection.” (Unknown, 2003)

Below are recommendations for Company X Tax Services to integrate into its overall strategic plan to enable Company X Tax Services to be environmentally responsible: * Recycle – paper, toner cartridges

* All paper gets shredded to avoid identity theft and sent for recycle * Toner cartridges cost $66 each but only about $5 in toner if you refill them in house – nearly 93% savings * Use Energy Star® rated office machines and lighting

* 14% savings on water heating, 12% savings on lighting, 4% savings on electronics * Use Energy Star® rated heating/air conditioning with programmable thermostat * Savings of 29% on heating and 17% on cooling,

* Buy Green supplies
* Recycled paper, pencils, pens, etc
* Green cleaning products
* Ensure the janitorial service utilizes Green products * Green furnishings and flooring
* Carpeting and furniture
* Low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
* No toxic dyes
* Recyclable
* Recycle-content
* Sustainability grown/harvested material (i.e. wool carpeting) * Use duplex printers and copiers to enable printing on both sides of the paper * Save toner by using the “fast draft” printing option

Ethics and leadership have often been thought of as mutually-reinforcing concepts. Ethical appropriateness in regard to leader behavior is oftentimes evaluated in terms of abstract and highly idealistic concepts regarding individual’s prescriptive beliefs of how leaders ought to behave. In an era where high profile lapses by public-sector leaders in ethical and moral judgment are frequently exposed, citizens have come to expect increasingly higher standards of ethical conduct as a broad range of activities are now viewed as immoral (Bowman, 1990). Increasing awareness and changing societal values have been linked to the public’s interest in...
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