Negative Communication

Topics: Critical thinking, Truth, Existence Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Negative Communication

Negative communication workplace…Main reason of conflicts in workplace (2010),, Retrieved 13.11.2012 from

1.0 Summary: The gist of the article is about how negative communication can affect the workplace. Workplace is defined as the meeting place of people with the same purpose in life – work so that he can earn a living and he works to contribute to the productivity of the company. However, since workplace is a place of different personalities with different upbringing, communication gaps are very likely to happen. The article explains the effects of negative communication in the workplace and how these negative effects reduce the overall performance of the organization. Along this line, the author gave reasons why there exists a negative communication, and what are the impacts of this negative communication to the workplace setting. The primary reason why there exists communication gap is rumor, which is entertained by most of us in the workplace. The last part of the article is the writer’s own recommendations and suggestions on how negative communication can be resolved and how would people relationship within the organization can be improved.

2.0 Relevance: The article is very timely and relevant to the requirements of UAE workplace environment. Organizations regardless of size and structure should strive at all times to improve productivity to maintain and sustain organization’s existence in this very competitive world. Because of the competition, every company should strive to maintain its competitiveness and this can do only if the relationships of the people within the organization are good. Having good relationships would the possibility to increase each individual output that could in turn help the overall productivity of the organization required to continue its activities and operations. The...
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